Quality assurance

Group Euris and Euris Public are “datadocked”

This label guarantees that the quality requirements dictated by the law in the Datadock tool are respected. Thus, the funders (OPCO) can refer us and allow companies or institutions to benefit from our interventions as part of their training actions. Some organizations have already referenced us: FAFIEC, OPCALIM, UNIFAF, OPCAIM, UNIFORMATION, AGEFOS- SME …? If you want to optimize your training budget and your financing options, contact us.

We are authorized to conduct your External Evaluation

Since the 2002-2 law renewing the social and medico-social action, the renewal of the authorizations granted by the authorities (ARS or Departmental Council) to institutions and social and medical-social services (ESSMS) is exclusively subordinated to the results of the External evaluation. Beyond this legal obligation, this evaluation process is a real lever for progress for the institutions. “Since 2009, the Euris Group has been authorized by the ANESM (now attached to the High Authority for Health) to conduct evaluations. External services in social and medico-social institutions? Services and institutions such as SSIAD, SAD, CCAS, EHPAD, Medical Homes … have trusted us to carry out this mission, in the great Southwest but also beyond.
To prepare your next External Evaluation, contact us.

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